Travelling Conversations

Confidential Discussions Away from Home

The Experience of Travel - Conversations on the Road

Travel has a unique way of creating opportunities for personal development and change. It's possible to view things from a different perspective when experiencing new places, meeting new people, eating different food and generally being removed from the old patterns of behaviour and thoughts in normal day to day living.

Targeted confidential conversations with a qualified listener can help refine thoughts and ideas into manageable actions before they are potentially lost when returning to entrenched routines back home. These discussions can also be helpful where travel has created personal discomfort that needs some support and understanding while away from home. 

It's Your Time to Talk 

Sessions can be structured in a number of ways depending on how you would like to use the time and generally includes information and follow up research sent to you after your appointment, as needed. Sessions of 60 and 90 minutes can be booked online for week days and Saturdays. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled at any time before your appointment with no penalty, but notification of at least one hour before the scheduled appointment time would be appreciated.


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