Travelling Conversations

Confidential Discussions Away from Home

A Word About Confidentiality

Most people would claim an understanding of confidentiality and may use it in conjunction with phrases like “this is confidential”…”this is just between us”…”let’s keep it close to our chests”. 

When it comes to discussing personal issues, however, it can be helpful to engage the services of a professional who is bound by a privacy code of ethics closely linked to continuing professional registration. Intentional or unintentional disclosure of sensitive information, even if it appears relatively trivial, can have serious consequences in terms of distress to the person from whom the information originated, and potentially, considerable negative effects on others. 

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Other Important Information

The following work practices will apply in our relationship with you:

1. In a counselling setting, external assistance may be sought in consultation with the client where there is a risk of harm to the client or to other people in connection with them.  

2. Should any potential conflict of interest arise during discussions, this will be declared by us as soon as it is realised and options for alternative arrangements will be offered. 

For any concerns regarding confidentiality or privacy, please call (03) 9028 4876 or e-mail [email protected]